A successor to Wiiware's Retro City Rampage, Shakedown: Hawaii is firing onto Switch and 3DS this spring. Keeping us in a state of excitement for its release is this brand new trailer, which we've shared for you up above.

The game is a 16-bit, destructible, open-world adventure that parodies big business and the white collar crimes associated with it. You'll take control of a trio of protagonists as you build a corporation, acquire businesses, sabotage competitors, rezone land (by demolishing it) and shake down shops for protection money.

The game's developer tells us that the game is now in console certification, meaning we should hear of an exact release date soon. Until then, though, feel free to learn more with this game overview video. You can never have too much 16-bit chaos beamed into your eyeballs.

Are you looking forward to picking this one up? Will you be getting it for Switch, or giving it a whirl on the good ol' 3DS? Tell us below.