For all its flaws, there was one thing that Miiverse was undeniably quite competent at, and that's sharing and hosting Super Mario Maker levels. You could fire that puppy up, see a post with a load of buzz around it, or even just one that looks vaguely interesting, and download it straight to your now-dusty Wii U console. It was by no means perfect, but if you wanted some new Mario Maker levels, it was the best place to go.

So now with Miiverse cast aside like so many soggy used tissues, that leave a bit of a gap for the likes of Super Mario Maker 2 on the Switch. The tools certainly look more powerful than ever, but what about getting our levels into the mitts of other curiously-minded individuals who by some mad coincidence also own a Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game?

We imagine codes will rear their ancient, fossilised heads again as Nintendo seems to have a hard time ditching them, but there's more scope here to make things even more delicious than Miiverse, and it involves using that four-worded piece of software many fear to mention; the Nintendo Switch Online App. Check out the video if you're curious to hear more, or type furiously in the comments about your blatantly superior method using Morse code in the comments below.