It's that time of year to scroll through your regular news feed with a smirk or a sigh - yes, 1st April has once again produced a raft of video game-based porky pies to rifle through. While we did briefly flirt with the idea of announcing the 'Nintendo Lite Switch', we decided against it - mainly because the industry at the moment is producing so many curve balls that even the most far-fetched rumours can't be dismissed offhand. Xbox One lifetime console exclusive Cuphead coming to Nintendo Switch!? You better believe it.

Below we've rounded up the best of the gags relating to Nintendo and the wider world of video games. Twitter is the favoured platform for these pranks and japes but you'll find plenty more information by following the links within. With the world rotating as it does, we're sure there'll be more cropping up over the coming hours as people in the Americas wake up - we'll be sure to update with the choicest cuts as-and-when they come.

Ready to laugh? Ready to groan? Here we go!

Square Kirby?

It seems HAL has really gone to town with Kirby this year - check out his website for some cuboid Kirby goodness where his official artwork has been replaced.

And round Qbby?

Responding to Kirby in a tweet, Qbby (hero of HAL's 3DS BOXBOY! trilogy and the upcoming BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!) appears to have met up with the pink one for a few drinks (he can really put them away!), got along famously, one thing led to another and...


Ash photobombs Pokémon GO

PlatinumGames enters the self-publishing business

New Monster Hunters for Nintendo Switch

We got a tiny bit excited with this one.

Rabbids invade For Honor

Weird one, this. Mainly because it's actually happening (for 24 hours).

The good old days of Worms on... Teletext?

New 18-teraflop console announced

Yours for a trifling $15.000:

New Sniper Elite Announced

Capcom debuts a new shooter

Try Capcom's latest shooter, Mr President!


Kirby helps around the house

Check out this Kirby-based Roomba:


What The F-Zero?

GameXplain playing with our hearts.

Snake comes to Google Maps

Now get this on Stadia. Remember when you could play Pac-Man on Google Maps? Talk about killer apps! This will reportedly be live for a week or so.


IGN hosts the latest Nintendo Direct

Top marks for effort.

Exclusive reveal of Rare Replay 64

10 Rare games, including GoldenEye 007, coming to Switch, according to Vooks:

Rare Replay News
Image: vooks.net

SEGA Mega CD Mini confirmed

Telford branch of UK retailer GAME bagged an exclusive reveal:

Nintendo Switch Book Sleeve gives your Switch(es) a 3DS-style makeover

Inky Pen details the 'cutting edge close-open technology':

Splatoon Island announced for mobile

It's no Miitomo, but we'd play it:

... and the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account strikes again

Always good value.


Ah, it's all in good fun! Did any of these catch your eye, if only for a second? Let us know in the comments.