A number of us here at Nintendo Life have ever-growing amiibo collections that fill us with far too much joy, and some of us have definitely overdone it with the odd purchase here and there, but we've never had a moment quite like this.

Twitter user, @AWDtwit, has shared the moment they received a whopping ten copies of the same amiibo figure through the post despite ordering just the one. The figure in question is Ken, with the parcel coming from Amazon Japan.

In a later tweet, @AWDtwit mentions that they were initially confused at the size of the package when it arrived, only to discover the ten Kens sitting inside. We can't quite decide if this is a fantastic mistake that we wish would happen to us, or an absolute nightmare; what would you do if all of these arrived on your doorstep?

Of course, they should probably be sent back if the retailer wants them. Otherwise, perhaps you could build a small Ken shrine? Or put one in every room, just to confuse your guests? Fire away with your suggestions in the comments.

[source twitter.com, via nintendosoup.com]