Bowser Cropped

Something about Mario's wonderful selection of games seems to make players want to cause themselves hours and hours of misery. In the last few months, we've seen a player try to beat New Super Mario Bros. U without collecting a single coin, and that very same player went on to attempt a Super Mario Odyssey completion without walking. What!?

Well, this trend is continuing in style, as another player has decided to take on Super Mario 64's 'Bowser in the Dark World' level without using the joystick. Shared by YouTube user, UncommentatedPannen, the video below shows the entire level being taken on without a single touch of the joystick (although some sections have been sped up to save viewing time).

The entire process looks like an incredibly frustrating ordeal to us, but we imagine the sense of accomplishment at the end must be worth it. The player uses a mixture of jumps and ledge grabs to manoeuvre around the earlier platforming sections, and then has to be burnt to a crisp by Bowser to find themselves in the correct position for a tail swing attack.

Have you ever tried to pull off any weird and wonderful ways of completing your favourite video game levels? Let us know in the comments.

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