If there's one aspect of platforming games that we'd consider to be absolutely essential, it's movement. Whether you're jumping, running, walking, crouching, ground-pounding, or whatever else you can think of, you're almost always engaging in some sort of movement when playing a platforming game, so what would happen if you forced yourself to attempt beating a game without one of these skills?

Well, YouTuber Ceave Gaming has decided to do just that in a recent video, continuing the channel's trend of completing games in weird and wacky ways. To be precise, the game in question is none other than Super Mario Odyssey, and the challenge is hoping to find a way to complete the main game without walking - or indeed, touching the left Joy-Con at all.

To do this, an incredible number of tricks and flicks are used to catapult Mario around each Kingdom. Using Cappy throws, backflips, and even the clever use of camera functions, the video below documents the first half of this journey. In it, we see the first seven worlds be challenged (the rest are coming in a second video) and, while the challenge has unavoidable issues, we're amazed by how well Ceave Gaming managed to do overall.

We don't want to spoil things here in the text but, if you've watched it, we're sure you'll agree that the effort has been mightily impressive so far.

Have you ever tried to complete games in interesting ways? Do you feel inspired to do just that? Let us know in the comments.