More footage of the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie has been released, this time in the form of extended TV spots released in North America and Japan.

The footage shows off some previously unseen moments from the film, including our first detailed close-up of Pancham. Pikachu also says the phrase "sweet mother of Arceus" which is sure to go down well with the true Pokénerds browsing this very site (us included).

We're still waiting on an official upload for the footage contained below so, until then, feel free to check out this recording (we're not sure why it's labelled as 'HD' either).

Update: The North American trailer footage has now been shared officially in much higher quality. The video featured in our article originally - with both NA and Japan's footage - is still viewable down below.


The trailers we've seen so far seem strangely promising for a video game movie - an odd subgenre of film that has produced almost exclusively poor results over the years. Could Detective Pikachu be a genuinely great live-action film based on a video game? We're starting to think it really will be.

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[source comicbook.com]