Last weekend played host to both the Tetris 99 Grand Prix in Europe, and the Tetris 99 Maximus Cup in North America, both of which gave players the chance to earn a lovely 999 My Nintendo Gold Points. It seems that European players have started to receive their rewards, so make sure to check your inboxes.

Participants have started to share their good fortunes on social media and the like, indicating that Nintendo has already issued the Gold Points to the lucky 999 players. Reddit user Hegarol says "I just got an email from Nintendo that I won 999 gold coins. Already added to my MyNintendo Account."

The European version of the competition is a random draw, with all those who managed to claim one victory or more being entered into a raffle. If you've been chosen, you should find an email waiting for you in your inbox, similar to the message above; if you haven't been as lucky, you'll notice a message on your My Nintendo account saying the following:

"Kudos for achieving TETRIS MAXIMUS during the TETRIS® 99 Grand Prix! Sadly, you missed out on the points this time. But don't worry! More events and chances to win prizes are coming soon!"

It would seem that North American players might have to wait a little longer, perhaps thanks to the different format for that region's competition. Either way, good luck if you took part - we hope you have some delicious Gold Points waiting for you.

[source old.reddit.com, via gonintendo.com]