Digerati has revealed that it will be bringing Super Blood Hockey and its retro-flavoured violence to Nintendo Switch next month.

Described as "a violent homage to classic 8- and 16-bit ice hockey games" Super Blood Hockey lets you customise your line-up, take to the ice, and use fast-paced skills and bone-crunching brutality to dominate the game. You can take part in a single player tournament, or compete against friends in four-player local multiplayer.

The new console version even features dieting, showering, and some pretty shady performance-enhancing drugs. But hey, it's only a video game, right? Here are some key features:

Key Features
- Use superior skating, positioning, strategy and blood-splattering violence
- Take on the world in a global tournament, where failure results in execution
- Varied challenges and scenarios, including Turbo Mode and 12 vs 12 Mega Rumble
- Paint the ice with the blood of your friends in 4-player local multiplayer
- Franchise Mode: Create, recruit and manage your own custom team of inmates in a futuristic world of dystopic blood sports
- Enjoy the retro beats of an original soundtrack by chiptunist Shawn Daley

As noted above, this one will arrive on Switch sometime in April (the date hasn't been fixed just yet). It'll then launch on PS4 and Xbox One in Q2 2019.

What do you think? Will you be giving this one a go? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.