In 2016, Nintendo quietly removed the Nintendogs + Cats games for the 3DS from the North American eShop without any warning. It left users in this region with no other choice but to seek out a physical copy if they wanted to spend some quality time with these adorable pets.

Now, out of nowhere, all three games are back up on the eShop in this region. You can purchase each one for $19.99 directly from the eShop or the Nintendo website. If you want to make a saving, you can get French Bulldog and New Friends for 40% off (bringing it down to $11.99), if you buy a coupon on the My Nintendo website for 400 Platinum Points. The dogs and cats are the same across each version, but each one starts off with a different selection of dog breeds.

Nintendogs + Cats was previously available on the US eShop for $15.00, until the price was raised to $20.00 for the physical Nintendo Selects release.

Are you surprised this game has taken so long to return to the eShop in this region? Would you like to see Nintendo release a new entry in this series? Tell us below.