PatoBox Switch

Play-Asia and Eastasiasoft have announced that they're bringing an exclusive physical edition of Bromio's black-and-white boxer Pato Box to Switch with pre-orders opening from 7th March.

The physical release is a Play-Asia exclusive and according to the website, it's expected to ship 'Q2, 2019'. A Limited Edition will be available containing a colour manual (remember those?!), a 2CD soundtrack album and a numbered certificate, all in a lovely collector's box.

We liked the game, saying in our review that 'while its adventure mode-style exploration could do with a little more meat on its bones, we all know why we’re here - the Punch-Out!!-style bosses. The exploration sections fail to do the eye-catching visual style (and the story) much justice, but those brilliant big bads more than make up for it. Sprinkle in an '80s-style synth soundtrack that wouldn’t feel out of place in Hotline Miami and you’ve got a rough-yet-ready new contender on the Switch eShop.'

We also talked to the game's director, Antonio Gutiérrez, from Mexican developer Bromio, so check that out for a more in-depth look at the game and its journey to Switch.

Are you planning on following the example of the lovely Olivia Newton-John and getting physical with Pato Box? Let us know down below.