Smash Pro Controllers
Image: CptnAlex - Kickstarter

If you love Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and glorious pieces of gaming hardware as much as we do, you'll probably have a pretty hard time resisting this one. A Kickstarter crowdfunding project has recently launched offering backers a custom Switch Pro Controller featuring any character design they like from the game, and it's proving to be mighty popular.

Initially, the project had a goal of $7,500 - controllers will be made for every character regardless of whether or not someone chooses them, all to be included in a special artbook release - but this target was smashed in just four and a half hours. At the time of writing, total funds are nearing $25,000 with 27 days still left to go.

So how exactly does it work? Well, as well as cheaper options which will give you a discount on the finished book and put your name in the credits, the main backing option (set at $85) lets you pick up a customised Pro Controller featuring whichever character you like. You can see some more mock-ups below.

Image: CptnAlex - Kickstarter
Metroid gif
Image: CptnAlex - Kickstarter

The crowdfunding page notes that the base controllers are not official Nintendo Pro Controllers - although you can upgrade to one of those at extra cost. The controllers used look and function almost the same, although amiibo functionality is not supported.

You can learn more about this and get your own controller via the Kickstarter link here.

Do you like the look of these? Will you be picking up your own? Let us know in the comments.