Doom 25

At the time of writing, the Doom: Annihilation movie trailer has had more than 350,000 views. So far, more than 8,800 viewers have disliked the 30-second clip, and just under 700 apparently like the look of Hell.

Shortly after the trailer went live, a fan reached out to id Software and the official DOOM account on Twitter to see how the original creators felt about the "direct to video" adaptation. Below is the rather blunt reply from the DOOM Twitter account:

As some of our lovely readers have already pointed out in our previous post, this upcoming Universal movie looks more like a television series from the 90s. So, can you really blame id Software for wanting to distance itself from this project? Especially when it's been hard at work on DOOM Eternal - the hellish experience fans deserve.

Hell, maybe we're reading into this too much, but it sure seems like id Software doesn't want a bar of it when it has put so much love into this iconic video game series over the past 25 years. The developer even went to the extent of retweeting the above tweet on its official Twitter account to ensure the message is loud and clear.

What do you think? Are you relieved id Software isn't involved with this project? Will you still be seeing it? Tell us below.