We've already discussed this at length, but Cadence of Hyrule is one of the most interesting releases on its way to Switch. In what is an extremely rare occurrence, Nintendo has handed over the keys to one of its biggest IPs to an indie developer, potentially changing the future of its beloved franchises in a rather dramatic fashion.

Nintendo's Nindie manager, Kirk Scott, has already explained how he hopes Cadence of Hyrule will be the start of a new trend going forward, where the Japanese giant could work with more indie developers to bring new and different takes on beloved franchises to players. We imagine that smaller studios all around the world would do almost anything to work with a series as big as Zelda, and it seems the questions have already started to come in.

Elden Pixels, a team made up of ex-Zoink and Image & Form employees which has already released Alwa's Awakening on Switch, has already jumped at the chance to mention its desire to do exactly that.

Sure, sending a tweet might not be the most traditional way of securing a deal, but why not? And who's to say that plenty of other developers aren't sending email after email to their Nintendo representatives and account managers as we speak? Cadence of Hyrule could well have opened the Nintendo x Indie floodgates, and the potential partnerships that could be born as a result are pretty mouthwatering.

Do you expect to see more and more indie developers asking to work with Nintendo? Would you like that to happen? Things could be about to get interesting...