We know you love Nintendo Direct news – who doesn't? These little presentations have long been Nintendo's way of updating us on forthcoming games or revealing entirely new ones, so it's little wonder that everyone gets excited by rumours of new broadcasts, and when they might air.

Practically since 2019 began, we've been hearing whispers about a new Direct, and – depending on who you believe – we've had several assurances that yes, a new presentation is coming. The rumour mill has been thrown into disarray of late thanks to odd announcements (Dragon's Dogma and Darksiders) that would surely have made more impact had they been part of a Nintendo Direct; then we've got Assassin's Creed III, which looks certain to come to Switch but hasn't been officially announced by Ubisoft as yet.

Just what is going on here? Will we have a Direct soon, or not? Surely now is as good a time as any to show off the first footage of the upcoming Pokémon game for Switch, or perhaps some more of Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Or, is Nintendo going to troll everyone by airing a video which is 100 percent Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn footage?

Have a watch of Alex's lovely video above and then leave a comment (and vote in the poll) to tell us your prediction. Do you think all of the rumours have weight or are people just allowing themselves to get over-excited?

Do you think we'll be seeing a Nintendo Direct this month?