It's not even a week since the February Nintendo Direct dropped and finally kickstarted 2019 for Nintendo fans. Of course, the world of video games is fast-moving, and we all knew it wouldn't be long before the rumour mill began creaking and moving again.

Our friends over at NintendoSoup have noticed that @muguwus, a Twitter user who predicted a whole bunch of last week's Direct has posted this enigmatic missive:

Not the loquacious sort, it seems. While truckloads of salt are required with most things found on the internet, Pokémon Day - the anniversary of the series' launch in Japan back in 1996 - is coming up on 27th February. This mysterious tipster also accurately called a long list of games from the Direct, almost as if they'd seen the video before the broadcast:

Whether this rumour turns out to have substance or not, the absence of news in the last Direct coupled with the upcoming anniversary means it doesn't take a Sherlock to foresee a Pokémon Switch announcement on the horizon.

Are you getting impatient for more details on Pokémon Switch? Would you be disappointed if the only news is a Pikachu with a different hat in Pokémon Go? Drop us a line below...

[source nintendosoup.com, via twitter.com]