While many Bayonetta fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of her third outing for Switch in the latest Direct presentation, unfortunately, it didn't happen. Instead, Nintendo's Yoshiaki Koizumi provided a brief update about the project towards the end of the video.

Following the reveal of the latest PlatinumGames IP Astral Chain, Koizumi assured fans of the Umbra Witch that the development team at Platinum was still "hard at work" on Bayonetta 3 and hoped everyone was looking forward to learning more about this title. While it's not much, it's at least nice to know the third entry in this predominantly Nintendo-exclusive series is still on-track, especially after the recent development setbacks with Metroid Prime 4.

Will you be joining Bayonetta in her third outing? Have you played the previous games? Do you like the look of Astral Chain? Tell us below.

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