Nintendo Direct

Nintendo fans are hungry for a Nintendo Direct right now. You know that, we know that, and we're pretty sure Nintendo knows that, but there's still no sign of a presentation in our near future. So what's going on?

The last Direct presentation we received was on the 1st November - a special Direct which was the last one to be centred completely around Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Going back further, the last "proper" Nintendo Direct which catered to all fans and spoke about a variety of games was released on 13th September, almost five whole months ago.

Since then, Nintendo has been making large, potentially Nintendo Direct-sized announcements on social media; you can easily visualise moments like the Metroid Prime 4 delay and the Dr. Mario smartphone game reveal popping up in a video, but they were shared as standalone news items instead. Picking up on this fact, Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki‏ asked about Nintendo's current attitude to Nintendo Directs in a recent Q&A session.

He reports that Nintendo's stance on Directs hasn't changed, signalling that more will come in the future, although the long gap between presentations was fully acknowledged in the response. The hypothetical January Nintendo Direct that fans were desperately hoping for and attempting to wish into existence never came, so does this acknowledgement suggest that Nintendo is aware of the demand, waiting to spring a presentation on us in the coming weeks?

It's impossible to know for sure, but what we do know is that Nintendo Directs are definitely still a thing; we're sure a presentation will arrive as soon as Nintendo is ready to deliver the goods, so remain calm.

Are you itching for another Nintendo Direct? When do you think the next one will come? Share your thoughts with us below.