Star Fox and F-Zero

Star Fox and F-Zero. Hearing those two names – assuming you're of a certain age – will probably force you to come out in fits of nostalgia, your mind flooded by memories of the good old days when the SNES and N64 were the hottest tickets in town.

Today, neither franchise really seems to be at the forefront of the Nintendo's mind; sure, we had Star Fox Zero not so long ago and there are rumours of a racing game showcasing Fox and his buddies, but surely such an esteemed series deserves better – and as for being part of an (admittedly good) Ubisoft toys-to-life game? Tut. And don't get us started on the state of the F-Zero series...

Before we get too angry, it's worth pointing out that those lovely people over at Hardcore Gaming 101 have produced any of their excellent 'Digest' books which is focused on – you guessed – Star Fox and F-Zero.

This fourth HG101 Digest covers a lot of ground; it lists every game in both series, as well as the history of British developer Argonaut Software (which looks at titles like Starglider and the Game Boy title, X) and a study of similar on-rails shooters. It's packed with screenshots, art and loads and loads of lovely, and comes with supplemental bonus features focusing on Castlevania fan games and anime, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake and 11 (more) best video games of all time. Phew!

Fancy picking up a copy? Then head over to Amazon and lay down some cash.

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