Since launching back in March 2017, the Switch has amassed a pretty impressive collection of different Joy-Con options. Don't get us wrong, we feel like there could be lots more - just think about how many franchise-specific 3DS consoles were released - but by mixing up each side you can create a whole lot of combinations.

In what must have taken a seriously impressive amount of effort, Reddit user FoxyPMC has created and shared an image of every single Joy-Con combo available to date. This image includes the standard colours readily available at retail, as well as weird exclusives like the Labo Joy-Con, the mustard-coloured Pokémon: Let's Go design, and even Hori's blue D-Pad Joy-Con.

Joy Con chart
Image: FoxyPMC

If you're struggling to see the designs up close, check out FoxyPMC's spreadsheet here. The spreadsheet contains tabs that show exclusive docks and systems, too (as well as being ready to edit should more Joy-Con designs pop up in the future).

We also have a complete guide to each of the available Joy-Con right here, with links to recommended retailers should you want to pick any up for yourself.

Have you collected many of the different Joy-Con? Do you like to switch them around, or do you have a preferred set which stays on at all times? Let us know in the comments.

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