Whether you've got something special planned with a significant other this evening, or just want to cheer up a good pal, Nintendo has you covered with its annual series of downloadable Valentine's cards. If you head over to the Play Nintendo area of their website, you'll be able to download a jolly zip file with these shareable images.

Valentines ECard Yoshi

There's even an option for the curmudgeonly Nintendo fan in your life:

Valentines ECard Waluigi

Hardly a substitute for a tender, heartfelt moment, but cuter than a bunch of wilting forecourt flowers, no? Those are just the new ones for 2019 - there's a whole bunch of alternatives from previous years if you fancy rifling through the virtual rack and grinning to yourself.

Ever used any of Nintendo's services for that certain special someone on Valentine's or any other day? How did it go? Let us know below...