DANGEN Entertainment is bringing Protoculture's 2D shooter Devil Engine to the Nintendo Switch this week, it has been confirmed.

'Heavily-influenced' by shooters from the 32-bit era of consoles, Devil Engine comprises of six levels with multiple bosses. Three different shot types are promised – each with its own unique smart bomb – and power-ups will make it easier to survive. You'll also be able to use a chargeable 'Burst' power to absorb incoming projectiles.

Eight different game modes will be included, and you'll be able to unlock new features by scoring points during gameplay. These include new graphics shaders, music, stages and ships.

Speaking of music, it's worth noting that the soundtrack is supplied by none other than Thunder Force V composer Hyakutaro Tsukumo. Tsukumo has also worked on the Touhou Project series, and contributed to the soundtrack of Broken Thunder: Project Thunder Force VI, which began life as an official Dreamcast sequel before becoming a fan-made 'doujin' game.

We're certainly getting a strong Thunder Force vibe from the trailer, which is no bad thing at all; while the series isn't dead by any means (Thunder Force VI came out in 2008, and Sega has released Thunder Force IV on the Switch as part of its Sega Ages range), it doesn't look like the franchise is getting a new instalment any time soon.

Devil Engine launches on Switch and Steam on February 21st, and will cost $19.99. Will you be investing?