Battlloon is just weeks away from bursting onto the Nintendo Switch scene, setting its rubbery sights on a 28th February release date.

This one has you gathering up to four friends for an almighty balloon battle (hence the Battlloon name, you see). You'll be choosing from six different characters and propelling foes into the spiked walls of each arena, with other dangers like balloon-eating fish, meteors, and massive bombs causing you even more trouble.

After a balloon has been popped, they come back as mischievous ghosts that can create even more havoc and take home the winning crown. Life as a battling balloon sounds bloomin' hard.

· 2-4 player Local Multiplayer
· Simple but Deep and engaging battles
· 6 different types of fun playable characters
· Retro-like pixel art and 8bit sounds.

No pricing has been set for the title just yet, but it won't be long before we can enjoy the frantic action for ourselves. It'll be available directly from the eShop when it launches later this month.

So, what do you think? Will you be downloading this one ready for your next friend gathering? Let us know with a comment below.