The 'New' branch of the Super Mario brand has garnered quite the reputation for being easier than its older counterparts, and that reputation continues to hold true for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe on the Switch. Not only did the Wii U original bear the stigma, but this ported version offers even more in the way of leniency when it comes to difficulty.

But for hardcore, death-defying platform seekers all is not quite yet lost. Casually hanging around on the main menu is a few other ways to play that seem to have been overlooked by many, including some of the staff here at NL Towers. We never said we were perfect.

The most inviting are the challenges, which are suitably a series of challenges that test your platforming mettle in ways even New Super Luigi U can only dream of. They may not seem too overwhelming at first, but stick with them and you'll realise just what kind of a world of hurt you're in for. Check out the video above if you're interested to see more about the words you've just read/skimmed.