Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes launches today on Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo UK has shared a brand new launch trailer to celebrate (see above).

If you've already watched it, don't go away just yet, because Grasshopper Manufacture also has a couple of final announcements for its latest project, adding to the somewhat last minute reveal of its collaboration with The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

The first of these announcements comes in the form of a new stage called 'Serious Moonlight'. The stage is based on Shadow of the Damned, a PS3/Xbox 360 title directed by Suda51 and released by Grasshopper back in 2011, and serves as one of the games playable on the in-game Death Drive Mk II games console.

The second announcement speaks of a 'Day 7 Patch' which, unsurprisingly, is set to be pushed to the game seven days after release. The patch will add a brand new opening movie to the game, although the movie's contents haven't been revealed.

If you're considering picking up a copy of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for yourself today, make sure to give our full review a read.

Will you be buying this one today? Are you already playing it as we speak? Tell us below.