Retro-style Nindie developer Ultra Dolphin Revolution has revealed its latest project Real Men Use Items!, a Super Smash Bros.-like fight to the death planned exclusively for Nintendo systems.

Featuring a complete 8-bit aesthetic, the game has you relying on your reflexes and using anything you can find to survive. Rather than smashing each other around the stage with kicks and punches, you'll need to make use of items to win this one; you can see this in action for yourself in the video above, with players slowly wiping out each other's lives using a wide variety of weapons.

The game "pays tribute and parodies common power-ups and items in video game history", while also featuring items and stages from other Ultra Dolphin Revolution games like Shadow Archer and Spellcaster's Assistant. You can either play alone or grab up to three friends for chaotic, item-based matches; other modes such as adventure and arcade modes are also planned.

No release date has been set for this one just yet - the developer says that it's still currently in early development - but we'll make sure to update you when we get more info.

Until then, though, why not let us know what you think in the comments? Do you like the sound of an 8-bit Smash-style fight to the death?