Mario 1

Classic Nintendo memorabilia is increasingly hard to come by nowadays. On the digital front, itโ€™s much the same, with classic wallpapers and screensavers somewhat a thing of the past.

If you are in need of a digital retro fix, Nintendo preservation specialist โ€œThe Forest of Illusionโ€ has uploaded a lovely Japanese Super Mario Collection screensaver set to the internet archive, with the help of a few others. This set was originally released by Nintendo as a CD-ROM for Microsoft Windows in 1997 and contains a total of six screensavers. Take a look at the original CD case and disc in the above and below photos.

Mario 2
Mario 3

In addition to screensavers, which you can see for yourself over on the internet archive, wallpapers and programs have also been uploaded. These include Mario themed calculators and clocks. The downside is these particular programs only work properly with a Japanese version of Windows 3.1, 95 or Windows 98. For the majority of readers that likely don't have one of these older computers, check out the photos below:

Mario 6

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