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If the rumours weren’t enough, there are now cheeky individuals online posting fake notices about supposed upcoming Nintendo Direct presentations. Yep, some people are seemingly so desperate for Nintendo’s next batch of announcements that they've created lookalike accounts and announcements in an attempt to deceive the general gaming public.

Below is a Twitter account impersonating Nintendo of America that got 755 Retweets and more than one thousand Likes:

With fake news rife on social media platforms nowadays, it’s no surprise to see tweets - such as the one above - posting near-perfect replicas of official announcements - with the date, time and even an accurate picture. Anyone with a keen eye will immediately notice this account lacks a verification tick - an important detail to always take note of when viewing a company or important person making announcements on social media.

While it's not the first time something like this has happened, it goes to show just how eager some people are to take advantage of the current excitement surrounding Nintendo's next Direct. This particular case certainly doesn't help when there's already enough rumours about the date of the next presentation flying around.

We're sure Nintendo will make an official announcement when it's ready.