Pokemon RICH

Month after month in 2018, we heard how Pokémon GO continued raking in piles of cash and often outperforming its earnings in the previous year. Sensor Tower Store Intelligence data has now confirmed the game's revenue has grown by 35 percent over the past year, bringing in an estimated total of $795 million worldwide.

Niantic's mobile hit went out with a bang in 2018, which saw global player spending across the App Store and Google Play surpass $75 million. In total, this is an increase of 32 percent when compared to the $57.2 million spent in the same month in 2017. According to Sensor Tower, the "consistent rollout" of new features kept trainers engaged, with GO revenue reaching an average of nearly $2.2 million per day in 2018. In 2017, the money made per day averaged around $1.6 million.

The United States was the biggest spender on GO in 2018, equating to around 33 percent of all gross revenue ($262 million, to be exact). This is the same percentage as the previous year. In Japan, players spent around $239 million, adding up to about 30 percent of the game's revenue in 2018. This was a five percent increase from the spending in 2017. Since launching in July 2016, players have now dropped $2.2 billion on the free-to-play augmented reality title. If Niantic manages to hold player interest throughout 2019, the game is expected to surpass the $3 billion mark by the end of the year.

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[source sensortower.com]