A new, third-party accessory for the Nintendo Switch has appeared on the market, hoping to provide a way of keeping your console safe from potential thieves.

Pintoro, the manufacturer behind the 'SwitchGuard', has described the product as "the best way to deter theft of your Nintendo Switch at a tournament, in your dorm, in an office, or in your home". It has two locks - one on top to stop thieves from taking the console itself, as well as a cable lock and slot lower down to prevent the entire SwitchGuard from being taken - and features several cutouts to allow airflow to the system and gaps for the necessary cables.

You can check it out in the images below.

It reminds us of the 'Game Console Safe' which we reported on back in October, although this new product does feature several differences in its design. If you're interested in picking one up, you can do so directly from the manufacturer's site for $49.99. Here are some product features to give you a little more info:

- Premium clear acrylic - Show off your Joycons and docks with crystal clear acrylic!
- Metal locking mechanism to secure your Nintendo Switch safely in the SwitchGuard.
Cable lock slot mounted on the back of the SwitchGuard to allow the use of a cable lock. Use the included cable lock to secure your SwitchGuard to a table, monitor, or TV!
- Multiple cutouts to allow ventilation through the SwitchGuardCutouts for the HDMI, Power Cable, and GameCube Adapter to cleanly flow out of the SwitchGuard.

What do you think? Would the SwitchGuard be useful for you at home or when taking your Switch out and about? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.