At the end of last week, an in-game message for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revealed that an update to Version 2.0.0 would be released within the next seven days. It would appear that the update is now just hours away, with new information suggesting that it could land tonight.

The news comes from an automated system set up by data miner OatmealDome, which aims to detect any pop-up messages scheduled to appear in the game ahead of time. According to this system, version 2.0.0 will launch at 1:00 GMT on Wednesday 30th January (so that's 5pm PST / 8pm EST tonight, 29th January, in North America).

So why should we be so excited for an update? Well, while nothing is confirmed just yet, the update is expected to bring with it all necessary character data for the game's first slice of DLC, Piranha Plant. Registrations for claiming this character as free content end on the 31st, and the fighter has been confirmed to become available "around February"; the update to a full version "2" certainly suggests that this could be the start of the DLC process.

It's worth noting that this doesn't necessarily mean that Piranha Plant will be playable from tonight, but we're definitely one step closer to having our 75th(!) option on the roster.

Are you still enjoying your time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Are you looking forward to playing as Piranha Plant? Tell us below.

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