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If you've been craving affordably priced puzzle titles on the Switch, the latest games announced for the Sega AGES line might be exactly what you need. At the Puyo Puyo Championship December 2018 Tournament, Sega revealed Puyo Puyo and its sequel Puyo Puyo Tsū (Puyo Puyo 2) would be added to the retro-inspired series on Nintendo's hybrid platform.

Both games are based on the arcade versions and will feature online support. Much like other titles in the Sega AGES line, you can expect additional modern features to be included that enhance the experience. Apart from this, there's no other information about what else to expect from these classic puzzle games and no word on when each one will be released, either.

The original releases were handled by Japanese developer Compile. The founder of the company Masamitsu Niitani drew inspiration from Tetris and Dr. Mario at the time to create the original game in 1991. The sequel was released in 1994 and went on to become the most widely known multi-platform release within Japan.

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