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The Sega AGES line might seem like it is made up of quick and simple ports based on the classics of yesteryear, but there's a lot more work that goes into each of these Switch releases than you might think. Website GearNuke was recently fortunate enough to speak to Yosuke Okunari, one of the staff behind the modern revival of Sega's classic games line and asked a number of questions about the development process.

Although the whole interview is worth taking a look at, here are some of the more interesting morsels of information. One was Okunari's comment about localisation. Provided the team can draw a reaction, it may attempt to localise games that have never been translated before:

"In the future, we may try localizing titles which have never been translated if we can draw a reaction."

When explaining how the AGES series was an extension of the Sega 3D Classics line on the 3DS, Okunari said how one of the aims of the new project was to release games that weren't able to be added to the existing line. This is why there are so many titles from the 1980s. If possible, Okunari and the rest of the team would like to release games from many other eras:

"If the series can continue on longer, I hope we can take on more games from different eras."

Multiplayer is also in consideration, due to the portable nature and connectivity of the Switch:

"With games for the 3DS, multiplayer battles were not a priority. However, the Switch is easy to carry around and play with other players, so we are considering content where people can battle anyone, anywhere on the Switch."

Looking ahead, the team hopes it can roll out one title per month locally and keep future Sega AGES releases here in the west as close as possible to the Japanese release dates:

"We’re still finalizing timing for the rest of the world, but will try to keep the release dates for other countries as close to Japan’s as possible."

Virtua Racing might also take a while to develop:

"The title that will take the most time is the title we are currently developing, Virtua Racing. This game, which is from the system board MODEL 1, was developed when there was no 3D rendering on the PC, so the architecture is incredibly ingenious."

Would you like to see more Sega games localised for this modern retro line? Tell us in the comments.

[source gearnuke.com]