Kemco has shared the news that RPG Chronus Arc is now available for pre-purchase on Nintendo Switch. It launches just next week on 20th December.

The story of this one follows Loka, a young boy who is training to become a Sorcerer Knight. Loka is heading off to find the Chronus Fragments, which are needed for the ceremony of 'Time Rewinding', but the sudden appearance of a mysterious man intent on stealing the Fragments changes everything. He soon finds himself on a quest with his childhood friend, Princess Sarna, in a fight for the Chronus Energy.

The game actually released on 3DS just a few years ago; we have a full review of that version available if you'd like to learn more. Essentially, we felt that it has the potential to appeal to fans of old-school RPGs, especially those who are mostly concerned about the mechanics traditionally found within them, although we couldn't help but feel disappointed at the story's lack of charm.

Standard pricing for the game is set at $12.99 / 12.99€ / £11.69, but you'll be able to pick it up at 10% off during the pre-purchase period (before it launches on the 20th).

What do you think? Are you sold enough by the classic feel to make a purchase? Let us know if you'll be getting this one with a comment below.