Recently, multiple retailer listings suggested that Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes would be receiving a physical edition despite a lack of any official confirmation. Now, though, that official confirmation has arrived, and the physical version will be handled and distributed by Nintendo itself.

Grasshopper Manufacture will still be self-publishing the title, which is set to release on 18th January next year, but this physical release looks set to boost the game's presence in stores. As well as giving you another pretty box to meticulously place on your shelf, the physical version looks set to come with a season pass as standard, giving players instant access to all future content.

Unfortunately, specific details about the contents set to be on offer with this season pass have yet to be revealed, although Grasshopper Manufacture have confirmed that it will include an additional character, a new adventure scenario, and a new stage. Naturally, more information surrounding the season pass will be revealed at a later date.


Are you excited for this one? Will you pick up a physical edition when we learn a little more about its release? Tell us below.