If you didn't grab yourself a Starlink: Battle for Atlas bundle when it launched on Switch last month, sitting firmly on your metaphorical fence of uncertainty, now might be the best time to swoop in and snag your very own Starter Pack.

The physical release, which includes the game itself, that lovely Arwing, two pilots (including Fox), two weapons, and the Switch controller mount, has seen a huge drop in price already in both the UK and the US. We've included some useful links below, allowing you to choose your retailer of choice - some of these are offering over 40% off the original £69.99 launch price.


There are plenty of options across the UK, with Amazon, Argos and Currys currently offering the lowest prices among major retailers.


The discount hasn't made its way to all major retailers in the US yet (although more could appear as Black Friday draws nearer), but Amazon has joined the party early by offering the bundle as its Deal of the Day. $39.99 is a cracking price for everything included.


If you'd like to learn more about the differences between the physical and digital versions of the game, make sure to check out our handy guide.

Have you enjoyed Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Switch? If you haven't tried it yet, do these sales tempt you into giving it a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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