While you're probably still clinging onto any remaining hope you might have for an upcoming N64 Classic Mini, you may be intrigued by this little tease for a miniature Game Boy Advance design. Before you get too excited, though, this is absolutely not a real GBA Mini - it's actually a NES game emulator.

If you're a regular reader of Nintendo Life's utterly glorious pages, you might remember that we posted a hardware review of the BittBoy Portable Video Game Handheld last year. Looking like an original Game Boy (seen below), this device provided players with a portable solution for their NES gaming needs, emulating 300 different titles and fitting all snug in your pocket. We had mixed feelings on its overall quality, but it was an interesting little device nonetheless.

The BittBoy Portable Video Game Handheld - in Game Boy form
The BittBoy Portable Video Game Handheld - in Game Boy form

Now, the very same company that released that device, BittBoy, has shared a small tease online of this brand new machine. The tweet would suggest that this will also carry a selection of NES games (and will likely contain the very same hardware as the last model), but this time the electronics will be contained within an eye-popping Game Boy Advance outer shell. The yellow might not be to everyone's taste, but we like it.

Of course, with the Switch now slowly but surely building up its own selection of portable NES games, the very idea of an unofficial portable emulator will likely lose some of its appeal. Still, for those who like to collect the many weird and wonderful console clones found around the world, this might make for a nice little item on your shelf.

Would you like a real Game Boy Advance mini? Are we getting too far ahead of ourselves even considering such a thing? Let us know down below.