Publisher Thunderful has announced Hellfront: Honeymoon by SkyGoblin is now making its way to the Switch eShop in early 2019. The game was originally scheduled to arrive on Nintendo's hybrid platform towards the end of this year, following its reveal in August.

The game promises to provide a "thrilling mix" of top-down twin-stick shooter action and "fast-as-hell" strategy. It will also include local multiplayer and online leaderboards. Here's the full description:

It's a game preferably enjoyed with friends on a couch over snacks and drinks. All levels are playable by 1-4 people (local co-op/death match). Flying solo? Rest assured there’s tons of missions to complete, a clever AI to beat, and online leaderboards to show the world what you’re made of!

With its flashy, 80s retro vibe and intense soundtrack, HELLFRONT is hard to miss.

As previously noted, Thunderful is a merger of Image & Form and Zoink Games, and is a subsidiary of Rising Star Games.

Take a look at the trailer up above and tell us if you're eager for some more twin-stick action on the Switch early next year.