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Nintendo is serious about protecting its intellectual properties. Recently, the Japanese company has cracked down on trademark and copyright infringement in different locations around the globe. In an attempt to spread the message far and wide, it has now awarded a plaque to the Shenzhen Bureau for "protecting copyrights" and the rights of various companies. Here's a picture of the special moment, courtesy of Chinese Nintendo:

As noted by Nintendo Soup, Nintendo has no official presence within mainland China but is still aware of the ongoing problems in the country when it comes to video game piracy. It's known to have countered this previously by protecting certain brands with trademarks.

Despite China's own advancements over the past number of years - with the emergence of globally recognised tech manufacturers and software developers - piracy continues to create problems. As mentioned in the above tweet, the bureau promises the local government will continue to strengthen copyright protection and create an environment that not only respects IP but also encourages innovation.

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