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While the 3DS is most commonly used as a portable video game system, one of its less utilised features is the device's ability to play music. In Japan, though, school students apparently enjoy listening to music on their 3DS on a regular basis.

Mobile Marketing Data Labo - a research firm located in Japan - has released a report about the usage of different video game systems across multiple age groups within the country. It turns out Japanese elementary school students use the 3DS to listen to music more than other age groups. The device is also used as their primary music player.

This is linked to the fact 66 percent of elementary school students own a 3DS. As Nintendo Soup points out, younger school students likely do not own mobile devices, which is therefore the reason why they are using their 3DS systems to play music.

Have you ever listened to music on your 3DS before? Do you still even use your 3DS? Would you like to see a music player added to the Switch in the future? Tell us in the comments.

[source nintendosoup.com]