A mock up of how an official Switch VR headset could look
A mock up of how an official Switch VR headset could look (Image: Antoine Beynel)

Despite numerous occasions where the company has said otherwise, Nintendo is actively "looking at" and "experimenting" with VR technology for its gaming endeavours.

The news comes from Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aimé, who appeared at Seattle's Geekwire Summit yesterday to talk about the company and its future. Discussion included Nintendo's recent past, with Reggie believing that the lessons learned from Wii U have led onto the Switch's success, and soon arrived at the technologies that Nintendo might utilise in the future.

According to Ars Technica, Fils-Aimé briefly discussed Nintendo's previous dabbles into exciting tech such as the Virtual Boy and the 3DS' AR card functionality, before finally confirming that the company is indeed experimenting with VR.

"This is something we constantly think about, experiment with. For virtual reality, we’ve said: it’s tech that we’re looking at, but in the end it has to be fun. That’s our mission, and that is what we do arguably better than anyone else. We have nothing to announce here on this stage. These are going to be technologies that we’ll continue to experiment with. There are new experiences we want to bring to life."

Of course, Nintendo has always been quick to reiterate that it isn't interested in the likes of VR or 4K gaming, with its thought process being that the concepts aren't "mainstream" enough to be worthwhile as of yet, but we've always found it hard to believe that the company would refuse to experiment to some degree. It would appear that Nintendo is biding its time; if the technology becomes more commonplace in the home, and if Nintendo can provide a truly "fun" experience with it - as mentioned above - then perhaps something could happen after all.

Would you like to one day play Mario and Zelda in VR? Would you rather Nintendo ignored its gaming rivals and continue to do its own thing? Let us know down below.

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