Until we get our rail grinding fix from the Jet Set Radio series, FutureGrind might just be the next best thing. Milkbag Games' Co-Founder Owen Goss has revealed the game is scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch later this year via his Twitter:

As can be seen in the above trailer, this futuristic motorcycle stunt racer is all about performing crazy combos while matching the colourful wheels of your bike to the same colour rails. If you touch the wrong rail your run is over. The aim is to make a name for yourself and earn endorsements from sponsors.

So far, it's been compared to games like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, OlliOlli, Trials and even the 1994 Super Nintendo classic, Uniracers (also known as Unirally). Once again, the developer plans to release the game at some point later this year.

Take a look at the trailer above and tell us in the comments if you would be interested in playing this.

[source futuregrind.net, via nintendosoup.com]