Publisher Rebellion has revealed that its 1980s arcade game reboot Battlezone Gold Edition will fly onto Nintendo Switch on 8th November.

Battlezone Gold Edition throws you into the cockpit of the most advanced weapon ever built - the Cobra tank. As you might expect, this tank must be used in combat, with players taking on first-person gameplay across neon-lit sci-fi landscapes. You'll be fending off legions of mechanised bots, from laser-blasting tanks to destructive mine-laying trucks and nimble airborne hoppers.

To do this, and to defend yourself from foes surrounding you at all angles, you'll need to unleash your arsenal of destructive weapons and special equipment; players have the option to customise their tank to utilise everything from laser-guided missiles to mortar cannons, as well as powerful shield boosts and EMP blasts.

The game was actually revived last year for PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift, with the VR movement being translated to motion controls on the Switch. The game features a rogue-lite campaign that never plays the same way twice, playable in singleplayer and in the Switch's usual drop-in, drop-out co-op for up to 4 players.

This Switch edition features support for both online and wireless local co-op play, and all of the content ever released for the game including bobbleheads, tank skins, and the retro-infused Classic Mode. If you decide to pre-purchase it from the eShop before launch, you can also get 15% off the full price.

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