Shenmue I And II

Prior to the 2018 Tokyo Game Show, Sega ran a poll asking what games fans wanted to see adapted to the AGES line. In case you missed it, the Jet Set Radio series was at the top of the list. This covered the original game released on Dreamcast in 2000 and also Jet Set Radio Future launched on Microsoft’s Xbox in 2002.

Right below this was the 1999 AM2 classic Shenmue along with its 2001 sequel. As noted at the time, the demand for the first two entries in this series are likely because of the recent two-pack HD remaster made available on multiple platforms. Speaking to 4Gamer around the same time of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sega localisation director Hiroji Noguchi said he was flattered fans had shown such strong support for the Shenmue series and said it would be great if the games could be played on Nintendo’s new hybrid device:

The fans have really shown their love for Shenmue – and for that, I really am grateful. Personally, I think it’d be great if you could play Shenmue on the Switch anywhere...

Localisation producer Eigo Kasahara was more direct with his response, saying how both Dreamcast classics were in consideration now that the fans had spoken:

Whether or not we can do something like that in reality, we’re taking the fans’ opinions into consideration. Following up on that might take some time, but it’s definitely something I want to consider.

Would you like to see Shenmue I and II released on the Switch? Have you played these games previously? What did you think about the results of the Sega AGES poll? Tell us below.