Switch Companion App

As it's now been a week since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online, Sensor Tower has taken a look at the figures for the service's smartphone companion app. Since the arrival of paid subscriptions, Nintendo's app has been installed by more than five million iOS and Android users around the globe. This roughly equates to a quarter of the Switch's global install base. 60 percent of users downloaded the app on Google Play while the other 40 percent obtained it from Apple's Store. Japan and the United States are the countries with the most installations of the app so far, making up 33 and 30 percent of total users.

Sensor Tower broke down the launch figures further with a graphic (as can be seen below). Last week 123,000 users downloaded the app for the first time, compared to the 70,000 the week before. This resulted in growth of 76 percent. Once again, the majority of installs are credited to Japan and the US, with Japan seeing a 77 percent increase week-over-week and 89 percent increase in the US.

Sensor Tower Switch App IMG

The Switch online companion app arrived last July. It was at this point it experienced its largest month of downloads - clocking in at the one million mark. In contrast, the app was installed roughly 240,000 times this July, and 268,000 times last month.

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[source sensortower.com]