Yooka Laylee Game Deal

If you want to relive the days of the Nintendo 64, Limited Run Games' retro-inspired Yooka-Laylee Collector's Edition might just be for you. 

Available to pre-order this Friday on 7th September, there'll be a total of 3,000 up for grabs. Each one contains Yooka-Laylee on Switch (the case & game), a retro-style Collector's Edition box, a poster including all of the characters from the game, a non-functioning display cartridge and an official game soundtrack. 

Original Kickstarter backers will all receive a discount code, which will work through till 7th September. Backers of the Nintendo 64 box tier will also be given guaranteed early access to the Collector's Edition at a discount price. 

Limited Run Games notes the Collector's Edition box matches the exact dimensions of the classic Nintendo 64 box, and will be made of the same materials with the same finishing process. This will make the game look the part in your N64 collection, despite the fact it doesn't actually work. 

Will you be placing a pre-order for the Collector's Edition? Tell us in the comments. 

[source twitter.com, via limitedrungames.com]