Despite being a worldwide Nintendo Direct, yesterday's show did contain several moments unique to particular regions. One game that was shown off in the Japanese Direct, but didn't appear in the western shows, was Downwell.

The game is a roguelike, platforming, shooter mash-up, with a vertically scrolling display for good measure. Playing as a "curious man", you must make your wall down a seemingly never-ending well, defeating enemies and collecting treasure along the way. As you can see below, publisher Devolver Digital has confirmed that TATE mode will also be supported on Switch.

You'll need to make your way further and further down into the darkness, taking on the nasty creatures and discovering mysterious secrets to collect red gems scattered about the rocks. There are also shops to find, allowing you to buy helpful items or level up between levels; the procedurally generated nature ensures that no two trips down the well are ever the same.

- The Amazing Gunboots – The fashionable and lethal Gunboots allow players to unleash a torrent of firepower on the nasty creatures dwelling in the well and slow your decent with each shot.
- Unique Weapons & Items – Get different weapons, shop for peculiar items and obtain powerful upgrades that all stack and affect the way you play!
- A New Adventure Every Time – Each level in Downwell is procedurally generated, so no two trips down the well are ever the same providing a fresh new adventure each time!

No release date has been shared just yet, and although this was only shown in the Japanese Direct, we expect to see a worldwide release for the title at some point soon. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

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