The Chucklefish Switch eShop title WarGroove is being touted as a spiritual successor to Intelligence Systems’ Advance Wars series. Not only does it look and play exactly like the classic titles on Game Boy Advance, it even has its own built-in campaign and map editor.

In the latest WarGroove blog post, Chucklefish’s art director and producer revealed one of the recently implemented features enabling potentially limitless story scenarios. It’s a simple and easy to use cutscene editor. This tool will be accessible to all players from launch and will allow you to share your own unique cutscenes with your friends.  

Here are some more details about the editor:

The cutscene editor is perfect for presenting the story in WarGroove. It supports a comprehensive timeline where you can add, rearrange and edit actions.

With several emotes and voice lines per character, you can whip up a quick interaction or spend hours fine tuning your perfect cutscene.

The post also notes how far development has come since the original announcement trailer for the game last year. Initially, all cutscenes were static portraits with on-screen text only, and now there’s more flexibility to tell a variety of stories.

At this point in time, a release date has not yet been announced. Are you looking forward to WarGroove’s eventual arrival on the Switch eShop? Tell us in the comments.