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If preparing meals with your family and friends wasn’t already stressful enough in Overcooked 2, developer Ghost Town Games has revealed it is hard at work on a new game plus mode which will give three-star chefs an excuse to replay all 45 levels in order to earn a new four-star ranking. 

Here's the official announcement:

For the 3-star chefs among you looking for an even greater culinary challenge, we’re excited to announce the addition of New Game+ coming soon to Overcooked! 2, adding a 4th star to the menu! Once chefs have ventured through the Onion Kingdom for the first time, they’ll be able to jump into New Game+, replay the game’s 45 kitchens, and aim for that even higher tier of culinary greatness, to achieve 4 stars on each kitchen. The steaks have never been higher!

Overcooked 2 New Game Plus Image

The original game was quite challenging at times, depending on who you were playing with, so it’s nice to see the team has scaled back the difficulty in the sequel while also offer players more of a challenge as end game content. As noted above, ‘New Game+’ will be coming soon.

Have you been playing Overcooked 2 on the Switch? Are you glad a harder mode is being added? Tell us below.

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