Every week we hear about how another indie title on the Switch has sold so many copies or outperformed sales on other platforms. This week, publisher FDG Entertainment revealed the Switch eShop sales for Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King are twenty times higher than sales on Valve's Steam service. No exact figures were provided. 

In the same tweet, a fan of the Castle Pixel developed game asked if Blossom Tales would receive a Switch physical release on Amazon. FDG replied it currently wasn't planned but said an alternate limited physical release may happen in the near future. 

Other indie hits on the Switch eShop include Thimbleweed Park, previously predicted to exceed lifetime Steam sales, and Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon - making half of its sales on Switch. Other games like Hollow Knight and Death Squared have also sold exceptionally well since they were released on Switch.

Once again, this illustrates the popularity of indie games on the platform. Have you played Blossom Tales on the Switch yet? Have you downloaded any of the other games mentioned here? Tell us below. 

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